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Wedding slideshow

Wedding slideshow wedding clip

We all want to do something special on our wedding day. Something that will make the guests see the bride and groom in a different light: funny, entertaining and touching. The wedding slideshow / wedding clip allows your guests to share in the flavor of the couple’s lives by showing meaningful events in the couple’s lives, things that have made each of them who they are today, or their shared humor - such as the nickname's names they’ve given each other. The wedding slideshow / wedding clip allows you to share with your loved ones the path that has led you to this happy day, from childhood through adolescence and through the strengthening of your bond.

Wedding slideshow / wedding clip - Packages

Wedding slideshow
Wedding clip
Silver Gold Platinum
Slideshow/clip length (in minutes): 03:00 05:00 08:00 03:00
A customized opening slide: ----
Designed titles that describe the pictures:
Number of pictures to upload: 50 100 150 10 (head shots)
Number of titles in the slideshow/clip: 50 100 150 As part of the script for the clip
Choice of color for your titles:
Customized & designed backgrounds from our collection:
Uploading short home movies in order to combine them into the slideshow/clip: ---- In the end of the clip
Childhood pictures edited digitally to appear in 3D as the opening picture: ----
Number of tracks to play during the slideshow/clip (from our collection): 1 1 2 1
Visual effect in between each picture: Normal
A customized closing slide: ----
Customized and creative script for each clip: ---- ---- ----
Combining short and funny clips by placing the bride& groom's heads instead of the existing one's in the clips (from our collection): ---- ---- ----
Special effects that gives a movie-like feeling to the clip: ---- ---- ----
Preparation time: 21 days 21 days 21 days 21 days
Link to download the wedding clip / slideshow:
Payment options: Credit cards: American express, Visa, Master card and PayPal account
Price: 119$ 240$ 275$ 990$

photo-based wedding slideshow, consisting of:

  1. The use of up to around 50-150 pictures.
  2. Length of wedding slideshow- about 3-8 minutes.
  3. During the wedding slideshow, songs are played from a selection of songs and tunes that we acquire for you.
  4. The wedding slideshow contains 50-150 captions which may precede any of the photos at your option.
  5. The wedding slideshow incorporates special effects as it moves from photo to photo as well as effects at the beginning and the end.

A Wedding Clip:

  1. The use of up to around 10 photos (preferably photos in which there is a clear headshot).
  2. The length of the wedding clipis around 3-4 minutes.
  3. During the wedding clip, songs are played from a selection of songs and tunes that we acquire for you.
  4. The wedding clip contains about 14 different video clips depicting events such as: childhood, hobbies, growing up, army service, first date, special pursuits, the marriage proposal and others.
  5. The wedding clip integrates visual effects and captions.
  6. Unique opening and closing titles.

Once we have got to know the bride and groom through the completed questionnaire, we can customize the wedding slideshow / wedding clip to their spirit and to their character.

The wedding clip / wedding slideshow makes a wonderful gift that can help you, the friends and family, provide your loved ones with a great surprise on this happy day.
We strongly recommend that you take a look at our Project Page to look at examples of the photo based wedding slideshow and of the wedding clip.


Photo based wedding slideshow – 119$ - 275$
Wedding clip – $ 990

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