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Whether it’s a birthday, sweet sixteen, retirement, baby shower or any other occasion, digital greeting cards can be the thing to send to a friend or family member.

With an e-card you can show your loved ones, how much important they are to you, and how special is this day for you too.

There are lots of e-cards sites that allow you to send you greetings via email, but we offer something a bit different. Our dynamic canvas allows you to make your own greeting card from a verity of pre-made templates.

When you choose the template that suits you the most, you can add special effects, icons, photos and much more to it.

We have a large collection of pre-made greetings that you could choose from, and add to your e-card.

And the best thing, now you can send automated greetings to your social network friends, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. Just login with your account details and we will choose the best greeting card for your friends.

If you’re excited as we are about this service, check out our greeting cards gallery below, and find the templates that suit you best.  Now all you have to do is choose the package, pay and you’re ready to start the fun!

Greeting Cards


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