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Making a Great Facebook Cover

Making a Great Facebook Cover

Every Facebook page needs an eye-catching and interesting cover. This is especially true if it is the Facebook page of a business. A great-looking Facebook cover will help you to attract visitors and potential clients or customers. Setting out a cover which will help the brand or business is easy!

Facebook launched its new Timeline layout for Facebook pages in March, 2012. This is meant to be chronological so that it informs people about your personal story or the history of your brand. It is important to use this layout to your advantage when making your cover and to remember to stay within Facebook’s terms and condition and follow the guidelines.
facebook cover
Photo by Shutterstock

The first step is choosing a cover photo which will give a good first impression. You can select a cover photo from an existing photo album. However, it may be difficult to find one which is suitable. You need a high-quality photo which will promote your company or brand.

Many people use collages of different pictures. This could be a photo of your storefront combined with photos of happy employees or happy customers. You could also combine colorful photos of the different products of your company.

There are many automated online apps which you can use to help you design Facebook covers. These apps usually have lots of free photos and covers. They will also assist you to design a cover with your own photos.

There are stringent rules governing these photos. For example, contact or price information isn’t allowed. However, quotations and phrases can be included. Consider using a phrase which sums up your company or brand here.

Profile photos are smaller photos which appear at the bottom left of the cover photo. These are highly visible to visitors to your page so they need to be good quality photos as well. Many people include clear and bright photos of themselves here but you could also place your company logo here.

The About section appears beneath the cover and profile photos. It is a good idea to include a short description of your business with a link to it here. For example, if you are a freelance writer you could mention some of the sites where you have been published. You should include a link to your company’s website here, as well.

Unfortunately, lack of activity on your Facebook page is much more visible with the new Timeline layout. It is a good idea to post regularly. However, you can place an older post at the top of your page by “pinning” it to the top. This is done by clicking on the pencil icon and pressing the Pin to Top button.

Be careful to place important stories and posts at the top of the Facebook page. Try choosing one story or post to “pin” each week.
You can build your audience by inviting friends. Choose friends from your email list and from people who you think may be interested in your business. Facebook sometimes suggests people who you may want to have as friends.

Creating a Facebook cover does require creativity and work. However, an entertaining Facebook page is sure to attract new visitors and clients.
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