About Artinti slideshow maker

Artinti had started as an idea, to make digital art more accessible to people that don’t have any graphic or artistic knowledge. We believe that graphic art can be as significant as a painting or a sculpture, because of the way it impacts the person getting it.

So we started working on ways in which people could make amazing things for themselves without going and studying animation or graphic design.

Our idea is to make prepared templates of: e-cards, greeting cards, Facebook covers, wedding invitations & slideshows. Our templates are made by people with lots of imagination and a big love for art & animation. Those templates can be totally customized by you! You can add photos, text, special effects, music and much more! All of course depending on the service you have chosen your ideas and your creativity.

After finishing the customization you can either download or share it with others via: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Myspace etc.

Our e-cards, greeting cards, Facebook covers, wedding invitations & slideshows are great as a gift to friends & family, because there’s no better way to show your love, than to show it with something you made on your own.

All of the services are really easy to use and it takes just a couple of minutes to make truly unique e-cards, greeting cards, Facebook covers, wedding invitations & slideshows.

So if you look for something extraordinary, something artistic that is made with a lot of love, you’ve come to the right place!

Sit back, relax and let us help you free the artist inside of you!

We hope you will enjoy using our site, as much as we enjoyed making the things in it for you!


The artinti team

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Greeting cards
Facebook covers
Wedding invitations

Choose a subscription
Choose what suits you the most, whether it‘s a wedding, birthday, sweet sixteen party or any other occasion, you can find some great graphic designs such as: weeding invitations, greeting cards, e-cards, Facebook covers, slideshows and much more.


Register as a new customer or login
All you have to do is register via Facebook or fill in our registration form.

Try or pay

Free / paid subscriptions
You can try all our products for free! And then upgrade at any time to our paid subscriptions. With our paid subscriptions you unlock all the premium features including a wider range of templates, premium icons, premade greetings, Full HD slideshow and much more.

Make your own

Start making the artwork
Now the fun part begins! You can start creating your own greeting cards, wedding invitation, slideshow, Facebook covers etc. Add your pics, choose a premade greeting, choose an icon, or start to listen to the music library in the slideshow creator page.

Share with others

Share via Facebook or send via email
It‘s all about sharing what you have done with your family and friends. We made it easy for you, via full integration with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail. In a click of a button you can send your artwork to family and friends!

The Wow factor

Now just relax and let your family and friends say Wow! On each artwork you send them.


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