About slideshow maker

Artinti is the place where creativity & design meet. Just with a few clicks you can make your own: greeting cards, e-cards, wedding invitation, Facebook cover, slideshows & much more. All of our services are made by our team of artists that combine passion & imagination in each drawing.

A slideshow that doesn’t only slide but does it with style is exactly what we offer. A perfect combination between high quality animation, music and your amazing experiences. Using our unique full HD templates you can create memorable slideshows of those memorable moments.
Greeting cards
Our greeting cards are more than just greeting a person they’re also hugging him in the process, with our hand drawn templates you can really hug your loved ones. You create the text, give a headline and add one of our unique icons while our designs help you complete the mood. Also if you want to send it through the social medias you can with our e-card option.
Wedding invitations
If you choose this option love is definitely in the air and we want to help you spread it around. With our customized hand drawn wedding invitations you can create a great messenger for your even greater event. You choose the text, headline and icons and we provide you with an atmosphere your guests will never forget. Your wedding invitation can also travel through social medias if you want.
We know that facebook covers are pretty much a representation of you so we want to help you make them as unique as possible. Here it’s already made to fit the banner size, you just need to customize the text, the icons and the background in an easy way and make those covers reveal and not cover you.
Photo collage
If you are more interested in looking at the bigger picture we can help you do that with our collage making option. You can take all the photos you like and combine them into one big collage. You can also choose the unique background that collage gets, icons and headlines while even sharing your creation through all the social medias.
We believe that the business world goes hand in hand with creativity so we want to showcase this feature by offering a variety of services aimed exactly at companies, small businesses or any kind of formal channel. From websites design and apps design to any other kind of big project, we have skillful designers and developers at your disposal in order for it to be the best and most unique website, app or project for your business.
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Greeting cards
Facebook covers
Wedding invitations

Choose a subscription
Choose what suits you the most, whether it‘s a wedding, birthday, sweet sixteen party or any other occasion, you can find some great graphic designs such as: weeding invitations, greeting cards, e-cards, Facebook covers, slideshows and much more.


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Free / paid subscriptions
You can try all our products for free! And then upgrade at any time to our paid subscriptions. With our paid subscriptions you unlock all the premium features including a wider range of templates, premium icons, premade greetings, Full HD slideshow and much more.

Make your own

Start making the artwork
Now the fun part begins! You can start creating your own greeting cards, wedding invitation, slideshow, Facebook covers etc. Add your pics, choose a premade greeting, choose an icon, or start to listen to the music library in the slideshow creator page.

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It‘s all about sharing what you have done with your family and friends. We made it easy for you, via full integration with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail. In a click of a button you can send your artwork to family and friends!

The Wow factor

Now just relax and let your family and friends say Wow! On each artwork you send them.


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